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5 Common Misconceptions About Lips Embroidery Debunked

5 Common Misconceptions About Lips Embroidery Debunked

28 Mar 2022
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From embracing the latest beauty trends to purchasing chic fashion products, there is no denying we all want to look and feel good. In fact, one of the latest trends to take the world of beauty by storm is eyebrow embroidery. Thanks to this elegant solution, achieving your ideal eyeliner look is no longer just a pipe dream.

However, your eyebrows are not the only facial features you can enhance. Many aesthetic studios also offer lips embroidery services, which is an alternative to lips tattoos. But it is common to find many who are sceptical about them. Perhaps this might be due to the various misconceptions people have about such services. Allow us to share and address the common misconceptions we have encountered about lips embroidery.

Misconception #1: Lips embroidery increases the size of your lips

enhances your lips colur Lips embroidery in singapore

Lips embroidery enhances your lips’ colour and shape, giving the impression of more youthful-looking, fuller, and more defined lips. However, this procedure is not considered a filler or botox and does not increase the size of your lips.

If you are looking to achieve fuller lips, akin to celebrities like Kylie Jenner, then this procedure may not be what you are looking for. Instead, you may want to consider scheduling a consultation with an aesthetic clinic that provides filler service.

Misconception #2: You can’t wear lipstick over your lips embroidery

Lips embroidery applying lipstick

You may be concerned that you are no longer able to apply your favourite lipstick after getting your lips embroidered. However, fret not! This procedure is aimed at those looking to achieve a natural lip colour, so the colour will not be as intense as the shades you typically find in lipsticks. As such, you do not have to worry about forgoing your favourite lipstick after your lips embroidery procedure, as you can continue to apply it daily.

Misconception #3: Lips embroidery does not age well

Many Singaporeans are wary about undergoing a lips embroidery procedure as they are concerned the effects do not age well. Fortunately, such concerns are unfounded. In fact, if you choose the right colour and undertone, the procedure actually ages wonderfully, and your lips may become lighter over time.

However, to ensure you achieve your desired outcome, it is advisable to seek a qualified artist to carry out the procedure. We recommend going with a studio that can provide after treatment photos so that you have an idea of what to expect after undergoing the procedure.

Misconception #4: You can request overlining during your lips embroidery procedure

During your lips embroidery procedure, you might be tempted to request the artist to overline your lips so that it looks thicker. However, it is vital to remember that lips embroidery is not like makeup.

Any qualified artist would immediately reject such requests, as they understand overlining one’s lips will result in inconsistent colour. This is because the skin does not take to the colour as the lips do, resulting in effects akin to a lip liner or lipstick smudging.

Misconception #5: The outcome will be identical to the reference pictures

Many studios provide reference pictures so that their clients can have a better understanding of what they can expect from a lips embroidery procedure. However, it is crucial to remember that everyone’s lip based colour and absorption rate are different, so you should not assume the outcome will be identical to the reference pictures provided. Therefore, it is best to consult a professional artist before undergoing the procedure so that they can mix and match the colours that are suitable for you.

We hope what we have shared has addressed the concerns you may have about a lips embroidery procedure. If your concerns have been allayed and you are interested in undergoing this procedure, you should visit a reliable and qualified artist to ensure you achieve the best possible results.

At Lebellbrow Studio, we offer quality nano lips embroidery services at affordable prices! Do not hesitate to contact us to book an appointment with our qualified artists today.

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