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5 Ways To Achieve Fuller-Looking Hair

5 Ways To Achieve Fuller-Looking Hair

28 Mar 2022
5 Ways To Achieve Fuller-Looking Hair

A thick and voluminous-looking mane has always been the dream hair goal of many women. However, no matter how much time some spend styling their hair, they can never seem to achieve the look they envisioned. This is especially true for those with thin, fine hair. 

Genetics naturally plays a crucial role in how one’s hair looks, but that does not mean those with fine hair can’t achieve the fuller-looking hair they have always dreamt of having. Let us share a few hair hacks you can try to make your thin, fine hair appear thicker. Best of all, they require minimal effort, making them an easy addition to any hair care routine. 

Tip #1: Get a strategic cut

strategic cut in Singapore

One of the simplest ways to create the illusion of having fuller-looking hair is by changing your hairstyle. During the styling process, you can request your hairstylist to add layers to your hair, which can help to add more volume to your hair. 

Alternatively, you may want to consider the following hairstyles to make your hair look thicker. If you are unsure which hairstyle suits you best, you can ask your hairstylist to help you decide on the cut that is most flattering to your features. 

Tip #2: Use the right shampoo and conditioner

right shampoo and conditioner

If you prefer not to experiment with supplements, you can consider the tried-and-true method of volumising by opting for thickening shampoo and conditioner. Hair products that are labelled volumising or thickening generally have fewer conditioning ingredients, so they don’t weigh your hair down. It is also best to use matching shampoo and conditioner to achieve the best results since they are formulated to work together. 

Tip #3: Consume more healthy food that aids with hair growth

eating healthy food

Nutritionists have espoused the value of a healthy diet and how it can impact our bodies. Well, it turns out an imbalanced diet lacking in protein and certain fats, such as omega-3 fats, can affect our lustrous hair as well. 

Meat, fish, and soy can arm your body to produce keratin – a fibrous protein responsible for building our hair and nails. While omega-3 fats, typically found in fish, avocadoes, and walnuts, not only help prevent hair loss and breakage but also reduce scalp inflammation and encourage new hair growth. 

Tip #4: Consider going for 3D hairline embroidery

3D Hairline Embroidery in Singapore

You may have heard of eyebrow embroidery services that can help you achieve fuller-looking brows, but did you know there is a similar practice for your hair? The procedure is known as 3D hairline embroidery.

If you are worried the procedure is painful, fret not! Before a professional artist begins the hairline embroidery procedure, they will apply a topical numbing cream to minimise the pain. However, if you feel any discomfort during the process, feel free to let your beautician know.

The procedure guarantees hair-like strokes that look natural and blend well with your existing hair, providing you with an efficient way to get rid of the empty spaces on your forehead, thereby making you appear younger. It also has the added bonus of creating the illusion of a fuller, thicker hairline.

Tip #5: Consider going for scalp pigmentation

scalp pigmentation

In addition to hairline embroidery, many men and women turn to scalp pigmentation to achieve the appearance of added hair density. This procedure is generally recommended for those experiencing hair loss or those who want to camouflage burns, scars, or birthmarks on their scalp.

This semi-permanent makeup technique helps to fill in any bald spots and reduce the contrast between the skin and hair follicles, creating an illusion of thicker, fuller-looking hair for men and women.

If you have exhausted every other means of achieving fuller-looking hair, and you are interested in giving hairline embroidery or scalp pigmentation a try, we suggest visiting a reliable specialist to achieve the best results.

At Lebellbrow Studio, we offer a variety of services, including eyebrow embroidery, lips embroidery and eyeliner embroidery, at affordable prices to help you look your best. Do not hesitate to contact us today to book an appointment with our experienced beauticians.

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