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4 Benefits of Eyeliner Embroidery

Our eyes are the attention-grabbing features of our face that we use to convey a range of emotions and expressions. Not only do they play an important role in nonverbal communication, they also have an impact on our appearance. 

In a bid to look our best, many of us invest a considerable amount of time accentuating our eyes every morning with eye makeup products. However, this can be quite a chore. Fortunately, there are innovative solutions like eyeliner embroidery, or eyeliner tattoo, that offer a semi-permanent look and more convenience. Curious about how it can benefit you? Find out more below!

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1. Saves Time

Hate struggling with applying eyeliner in the mornings? Eyeliner embroidery can save you lots of valuable time by giving you perfectly defined and smudge-free semi-permanent eyeliner, making it a popular choice amongst ladies with busy lifestyles.

Image of eyeliner pencils, liquid liners, etc

Instead of eating into your precious time trying to perfect that wing, eyeliner embroidery lets you wake up ready so that you can face the day with minimal effort. The time saved on your daily makeup routines can be redirected to getting extra sleep, enjoying breakfast, or simply making the morning rush less stressful for you. 

2. Saves Money

Apart from saving time, eyeliner embroidery is also a smart investment that’ll save you money in the long run. Products such as pencils, gels, or liquid lines all cost money and come with an expiry date. They need to be repurchased once in a while, which can amount to a substantial sum of money. 

With eyeliner tattoos, you won’t have to worry about spending on frequent touch-ups or getting product replacements. All you have to do is to head back to your beautician every one to three years to fill up the colour. While the initial cost can be pricier than eyeliner products, over time, the savings you enjoy may make eyebrow embroidery a more financially prudent option. 

3. Accentuates Your Eyes

Eyeliner embroidery provides a consistently crisp and precise line to enhance the natural shape and beauty of the eyes, accentuating it to dramatically transform your appearance. Whether you prefer a subtle, everyday look, or a more dramatic cat-eye, this technique lets you customise the eyeliner style to complement your individual features and enhance your eyes. 

4. Achieve the Perfect Look Every Day

Image of person with eyeliner embroider done

If you’ve tried applying eyeliner while in a rush in the mornings, you’ll understand how frustrating it can be when the line doesn’t turn out the way you want it to. From smudged lines to uneven wings, these unsuccessful attempts can cause delays and leave you with a look you’re unsatisfied with. 

This risk is eliminated with eyeliner embroidery. It is the ultimate solution for achieving the perfect eye makeup daily without the hassle of applying eyeliner every morning. The precise lines tailored to your style and eye shape deliver a consistent and flawless result that you can wake up to every day, ensuring that your eyes are on point at every moment.

If you’re looking for a cost-effective and consistent alternative to traditional eyeliners, eyeliner embroidery is an excellent option. It empowers you with radiant, beautifully-framed eyes to face each day with confidence. 

Lebellbrow Studio offers eyeliner embroidery services to give you the alluring eyes you’ve always dreamed of. Achieve this effortless look with us today!

Eyeliner enhances definition to make our eyes appear more prominent and expressive. It’s able to create the illusion of larger, more alluring eyes, and can even be applied in different ways to achieve various looks. A classic, thin line gives you a natural appearance, while a cat-eye builds onto a bold and strong character. However, mastering the art of eyeliner application is no simple task, often requiring multiple attempts to perfect each side. 

Fortunately, if you desire perfectly defined eyes but don’t want the daily hassle of putting on makeup, there are eyeliner embroidery services you can turn to for a semi-permanent solution. Read on to learn more about this procedure that’s gaining traction quickly among many beauty advocates. 

What is Eyeliner Embroidery?

Eyeliner embroidery, or eyeliner tattoo, is a cosmetic technique used to create semi-permanent eyeliner along the lash line to accentuate the eyes. This long-lasting and low-maintenance alternative to traditional eyeliner makeup is an ideal solution for the girlies who want to shorten their morning makeup routines. 

Although eyeliner embroidery is generally quite durable, its longevity can be influenced by individual skin traits, exposure to sunlight, and aftercare.

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What is the Process of Getting an Eyeliner Embroidery?

    • Consultation

The process usually begins with a consultation, where a qualified beautician will assess your skin type and condition to determine whether you’re suitable for eyeliner embroidery. Do inform the beautician if you have any allergies or if you’ve had prior cosmetic procedures done.

    • Eyeliner Style

Eyeliner Style

After colour selection, you’ll need to choose an eyeliner style. Different beauty salons offer a varying selection of styles, but the most common ones include classic eyeliner, winged or cat-eye, and smokey eyeliner.

    • Procedure

A specialised handheld tool equipped with fine needles will be used to gently create small, controlled punctures in the dermal layer of your skin. Pigment will be repeatedly deposited along the lash line to create an eyeliner, until the desired look is achieved.

How Should I Prepare for the Procedure?

  • Avoid blood-thinning substances like alcohol and medications like aspirin as they can increase the risk of bleeding and swelling during the procedure.
  • Inform the beautician of any allergies or skin sensitivities.
  • Drink plenty of water to keep your body hydrated. This keeps your skin healthy.
  • Cut your caffeine intake to prevent feelings of jitteriness and discomfort during the session.
  • Avoid being out in the sun for too long. Sunburned or tanned skin is more sensitive to the treatment.
  • Do not wear makeup. It is easier for your beautician to work on a clean face.
  • Avoid harsh skincare products containing ingredients like retinol, glycolic acid, or alpha hydroxy acids. They increase skin sensitivity.

Aftercare and Healing

  • For the first few days after getting your eyeliner embroidered, avoid soaking the area in water. This means no swimming, saunas, hot tubs, or vigorous exercises that can cause excessive sweating.
  • Do not wear any form of eye makeup for five days. 
  • Avoid excessive exposure to the sun
  • Do not rub, scratch, or touch your eyeliner embroidery
  • Apply an aftercare ointment (if any)

Aftercare and Healing

Eyeliner embroidery is a transformative solution that offers quite a few benefits. Want to enhance the look of your eyes with semi-permanent eye makeup? Lebellbrow Studio provides eyeliner embroidery services that can redefine your beauty routine. Achieve the appearance you want by booking an appointment with us now!

Have you ever wondered what the key feature that makes your face stand out is? Ask around, and you will likely get various replies ranging from our eyes to our nose. However, the answer may surprise you. It is actually our eyebrows that hold the highest face value

This revelation may explain why eyebrow embroidery procedures are gaining popularity in Singapore within the last few years. If you are considering such a service but remain unsure of which brow shape suits you best, fret not! It all begins with figuring out what your face shape is.

Once you know what face shape you are working with, you will have a better idea of the brow shape that is ideal for you. Let our experts at Lebellbrow Studio share how to determine the right eyebrow shape to complement your face structure. 

Oval face shape

eyebrow embroidery in Singapore for an oval face shape

Those with an oval face shape can do no wrong. If you have been blessed with this face shape, you can pull off almost any hairstyle, and the same goes for your brows. As such, the ideal approach is to stick with a full natural brow with a soft arch. 

When you are discussing your options with your eyebrow embroidery artist, you can let them know you wish to make your eyebrows fuller to break up your features. Avoid dramatic eyebrow shapes as they are ill-suited for your beautiful oval face. Instead, you should opt for soft angles and shallow arches. 

Round face shape

eyebrow embroidery in Singapore for a round face shape

If you have a round face shape, you may want to consider using your eyebrows to create the impression that your face is less circular. One way to make your round face more oval is to go with fuller brows with a sharp, angled arch. This style looks absolutely gorgeous and gives structure to your round face. 

One thing to note before you undergo your eyebrow embroidery procedure is the thickness of your brows. If you have a small and round face shape, it is best to avoid thick and fluffy eyebrows as they can overwhelm your face. 

Long face shape

eyebrow embroidery in Singapore for a long face shape

Are you looking to take matters into your own hands after one too many “Why the long face” jokes by going for an eyebrow embroidery procedure? In that case, a flat eyebrow is your best friend! As it helps to make a long face appear shorter – just don’t neglect to extend the tails to create the width you want to enhance your gorgeous features. 

Conversely, high arches are a big no-no as they will make your face appear thinner, which is the opposite of what you want. A gentle arch will suffice in widening your face. You may also want to consider sporting a fluffy brow to offset the length of your face. 

Square face shape

eyebrow embroidery in Singapore for a square face shape

Square-faced beauties tend to have a prominent jawline. Fortunately, your eyebrows provide an elegant solution to soften and elongate your face. During your consultation session with your eyebrow embroidery artist, let them know that you are looking for a strong brow with a defined arch to offset the hard angles of your face shape. However, we caution against having the tail of the brow dip too low, as it will bring your eye shape downwards. 

Heart face shape

eyebrow embroidery in Singapore for a heart face shape

For those repping heart-shaped faces, you may be delighted to learn that you possessed the most visually attractive face shape. So it is crucial to match your facial features with the right eyebrow shape to enhance your natural beauty.

A heart-shaped face pairs well with a soft arch as it balances a longer chin. It is also wise to opt for fuller shaped brows as fluffy, full eyebrows perfectly complement those with heart-shaped faces. This is because the widest area of your face is likely to be the brow area. As such, it will not be easily overwhelmed by a fuller brow. 

Now that you have a good idea of which eyebrow shape best suits you, it is time to visit a professional eyebrow embroidery artist who can help you achieve your desired results. 

Lebellbrow Studio is one of the best eyebrow embroidery studios in Singapore. If you wish to find out about our services and eyebrow embroidery prices, do not hesitate to contact us today to learn more!

Have you been scouring YouTube and various social media platforms looking for the  ideal tutorial video on how to achieve the perfect eyeliner look? Well, you are not alone! Many spent countless hours in front of the mirror every day trying to obtain the perfect cat eye effect, only to have to remove it and attempt this arduous task again the very next day. 

The struggle is real and ever-present, and many beauty advocates have long hoped for an elegant solution that can address this very woe. Fortunately, their prayers  have been answered as eyeliner embroidery is now a readily available solution for many beauty advocates in Singapore. 

In fact, this trend is gaining traction within the beauty scene in Singapore due to its ability to enhance the shape and size of a person’s eyes naturally without the hassle of having to wash them off daily. This certainly sounds intriguing doesn’t it? 

However, as with many beauty trends, it is understandable for you to want to learn more to find out if this procedure is ideal for you. So allow us to share what eyeliner embroidery is, what the process is like, and the benefits you can reap from considering this treatment. 

What is eyeliner embroidery? 

Eyeliner Tattoo on the Lower Lash Line

Eyeliner embroidery, sometimes referred to as eyeliner tattoo, is a form of semi-permanent makeup treatment that places pigment along one’s upper lash line and some on the outer half of the lower lash line to simulate darker, thicker, and more naturally defined eyes. 

This treatment can be achieved either through manual embroidery or machine embroidery, although the latter option is typically the preferred method as it is more precise, faster, and less of a pain. 

Those who undergo this process can expect the treatment to last around a year. However, depending on how your skin takes the colour, you can even expect it to last up to 2 or 3 years. 

What is the process like?

Eyeliner Embroidery Appointment to your Chosen Artist

Before the appointment

Before undergoing the procedure, your chosen artist will schedule a consultation to determine if you are suitable for the treatment. They will advise you to reschedule any cosmetic treatment pertaining to your eyes to at least a month before you attend your eyeliner embroidery appointment. 

Additionally, if you have a medical condition that affects wound healing or you are pregnant or breastfeeding, your artist will advise you to refrain from undergoing the treatment. 

During the consultation

When you arrive for your scheduled appointment, your artist will seek to understand your preference and needs – the shape, length, and thickness of your desired look. You can even request them to draw the eyeliner for you if you require a visual reference. 

During the treatment session 

Once your artist has a full understanding of your requirements, they will begin the treatment process. Firstly, your artist will clean your eye area with mild soap and apply numbing cream to reduce any discomfort you may experience during the procedure.

Subsequently, pigment will be inserted along the upper lash line and the outer half of the lower lash line to achieve your desired effect. Throughout the process, your artist will ensure both eyeliners – left and right eye – are aligned and balanced.

Lastly, your artist will apply the finishing touches and clean your eye area, and voila the process is completed. Depending on the desired size and shape of your embroidered eyeliner, the entire procedure will likely take between 1.5 to 2 hours including the consultation. 

What are the benefits of eyeliner embroidery?

Eyeliner Embroidery for your Daily Makeup Routine

1. Saves time

Achieving the perfect eyeliner look is a tricky process for many people. While it is common for many to use eyeliner pens and stencils to achieve their dream look, it is a tedious process that requires time to master. 

Given the hectic lifestyles many Singaporeans lead, wouldn’t you like to be able to shave off ten to fifteen minutes of your daily makeup routine to dedicate to your beauty sleep? Well, now it is possible with eyeliner embroidery.

2. Reduces your expenses

It is possible to achieve your dream eyeliner look with eyeliner pens and stencils, but the effect is temporary since you will be removing your makeup at the end of the day. This means you have to apply your eyeliner makeup daily, and you might soon notice your cosmetic expenses piling up.

While eyeliner embroidery is a semi-permanent makeup treatment,  its effects are longer-lasting, allowing you to avoid the hassle of constantly re-applying your makeup. When you notice the pigment fading, you can simply have it touched up, making it a more affordable option compared to the utilisation of mascara and eyeliner pens. 

3. Bigger, defined eyes that look “more awake”

One of the perks of opting for eyeliner embroidery is thicker eyelashes, providing you with bigger, defined eyes that give off a more open and awake appearance. This also has a knock-on effect of making you look younger – and who doesn’t love that? 

Achieving the dream eyeliner look is no longer a pipe dream for those struggling to emulate the even, perfect eyeliners seen on many beauty blogs and online tutorial videos. With eyeliner embroidery, you no longer have to go through the hassle of applying your eyeliner daily, helping you to reduce time from your makeup routine. 

If your mind’s made up, it is advisable for you to visit a professional and reliable artist for the procedure, as they can ensure you achieve your desired results. At Lebellbrow Studio, we offer professional eyeliner embroidery treatment, among a host of eyebrow embroidery services in Singapore, at affordable prices! Do not hesitate to contact us at 9691 6050 to schedule a consultation with our professional artists today.