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3 Things to Consider Before Lip Embroidery

In the pursuit of enhancing natural beauty, cosmetic procedures like lip embroidery have gained significant popularity. This cutting-edge method promises semi-permanent improvements, offering individuals the allure of healthier-looking lips in their desired shade. However, it’s crucial to consider several aspects before embarking on this transformative journey. Read on to learn what factors to have in mind to ensure not just satisfaction, but a safe and fulfilling experience. 

Who should get lip embroidery?

Image of natural lip makeup

Lip embroidery isn’t limited to a specific demographic; however, it’s essential to understand if this procedure aligns with your expectations. Individuals seeking healthier-looking lips, or those looking to correct asymmetry may find lip embroidery beneficial. That said, it is important to factor in personal health conditions, allergies, or ongoing medical treatments. Those with a history of excessive scarring or skin conditions around the lips should proceed cautiously or may be advised against this procedure. When unsure, it’s best to speak with a qualified professional or dermatologist to evaluate the procedure’s suitability for individual circumstances.

How should I prepare? 

Preparation significantly contributes to the success and satisfaction of a lip embroidery procedure. Researching reliable, experienced professionals and looking through their work and client feedback gives you an idea of what to expect. After which, it’s essential to engage in a conversation with the beauty therapist prior to the procedure. This dialogue isn’t merely about expressing your desired appearance but also a chance to discuss any worries or questions you may have. Open and clear communication at this point ensures mutual understanding between you and the practitioner regarding the expected outcomes and the entire process.

Additionally, it’s advisable to refrain from consuming blood-thinning medications, alcohol, and aspirin in the days leading up to the appointment. This is to minimise the chances of complications during the lip embroidery, ensuring a smoother experience. Maintaining hydrated lips before the procedure also aids in achieving better results. This can be done through consistent hydration and gentle exfoliation to remove any dry or flaky skin. 

How should I care for my lips after?

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Post-procedure care plays a pivotal role in the healing process and the longevity of the results. This includes refraining from touching or licking the treated area, abstaining from seafood, spicy foods or raw foods, refraining from smoking, and diligently applying prescribed creams to facilitate the healing process.

In the initial few days, it’s essential to maintain good hygiene by gently cleansing the lips, and avoiding makeup or lip products during the healing period. Additionally, if you do experience any discomfort, using ice packs intermittently can provide relief and ease any discomfort you might feel.

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Lip embroidery offers an ideal option for those desiring a delicate yet noticeable transformation. By understanding the considerations associated with this procedure, you’ll be well on your way towards achieving the coveted lips you desire.

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Lip embroidery, or lip tattoo, is a cosmetic technique employed to enhance the natural beauty of your lips semi-permanently. It deposits pigment to improve the colour, shape, and overall appearance of the lips, delivering a youthful and livelier look. 

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If you’re planning to get your lips embroidered, picking a lip colour that complements your skin and features is a crucial step to take. However, this process can be challenging, especially if you lack a good understanding of your skin. But fret not, because we’re here to share some tips for finding the most suitable shade. 

1. Identify Your Skin Undertones

Did you know that subtle hues beneath our skin exist that can greatly influence our appearance when we dress in different colours? Known as skin undertones, these determine the shades of clothing, jewellery, and even makeup that are suitable for us. Here’s a closer look at each of the main skin undertone categories:

  • Warm: Individuals with warm undertones typically have hints of yellow, peach, or gold beneath their skin and veins that appear more green. If you fall into this category, you’ll most likely look best in warm, earthy tones, such as coral, peach, warm reds, and shades with a tinge of orange. 
  • Cool: Those with cool undertones tend to have pinkish, reddish, or bluish hues, and veins that appear more blue or purple. Lip colours that’ll work well include cool pinks, mauves, berry shades, and blue-toned reds. 
  • Neutral: People with neutral undertones have a blend of warm and cool hues, making it challenging to discern a clear lean toward either category. However, these skin types are also extremely versatile as a wide range of colours, both warm and cool, complement such skin tones. 


Here’s how to determine your skin undertone:

  • If you have different pieces of gold and silver jewellery, hold them to your skin and observe which colour complements your skin. Usually, warm-toned individuals look best with gold jewellery, while those with cool undertones suit silver. 
  • Hold a white piece of fabric or paper next to your bare face. If you notice that your skin appears more yellowish, you are likely to have warm undertones. Individuals with cool undertones usually have a more pinkish or rosy complexion.


If both methods still do not give you a clear indication, then you have a neutral undertone. 

2. Know Your Skin Shade

Image of two hands of different skin shades

The final outcome of your lip embroidery can be directly influenced by the shade of your skin, which is why matching your choice of pigment to your skin is essential. 

  • Fair skin is characterised by a light, porcelain-like appearance. Individuals with fair skin tend to burn easily in the sun, have veins that look bluish or greenish, and possess a cool or neutral undertone. They are more suited for soft pinks. 
  • Light skin is slightly darker than fair skin, but still relatively pale. Those with light skin can have either warm, cool or neutral undertones, hence the shade that best suits them will vary. Dusty red is a good choice of colour, but nude shades, pink, orange, and coral are also great options.
  • Medium skin tones range from light tan to warm beige and usually causes veins to appear green. Similar to light skin, those with medium skin tones can have warm, neutral, or cool undertones. Warm, earthy reds or corals, or cool-toned maroon and nude shades are all excellent choices depending on your undertone. 
  • Olive skin has a green or yellow undertone that often tans easily. If you fall under this category, opt for warmer shades, such as orange, coral, magentas, and deep roses.
  • Tan skin usually has warm or golden hues that look best with warm-toned colours. Nude shades with touches of peach, brown, or caramel are your best bets. 
  • Deep skin tones are rich and dark, often with warm or neutral undertones. The most suitable shades include brown and nude colours with hints of plum and berry, deep mauve, or cherry red.
  • Dark skin is deeply pigmented, typically sporting warm undertones suitable for deep brown and cocoa shades. They complement a variety of makeup looks, making them highly versatile. You can also opt for reds or purplish colours.


3. Understand Your Natural Lip Colour

Another key factor to consider in order to achieve a flattering look is the colour of your natural lips as it influences how the final shade appears. Take a closer look at your lips in their bare state to identify whether they lean towards rosy pinks, warm browns, or cool mauves. This can guide you towards choosing a lip embroidery shade that enhances your features seamlessly. 

Dark-coloured lips generally suit warm-toned colours like orange peach. For those with rosy undertones, soft pinks or berry shades will produce a naturally-flushed appearance. If you have pale lips, opt for vibrant options that match your skin undertones. For example, coral colours for warm-toned skin. 

Image of a person with lip embroidery done

Before committing to your lip tattoo, test shades on yourself with a lip product to ensure suitability. This helps you visualise how it’ll turn out. However, do keep in mind that the lip embroidery outcome may differ slightly as colour intensities will usually soften as your lips heal. 

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