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Eyebrow Embroidery Aftercare: What To Expect & Do During The Healing Process

Eyebrow Embroidery Aftercare: What To Expect & Do During The Healing Process

22 Feb 2022
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Eyebrow embroidery has been gaining traction in Singapore in recent years thanks to the benefits that come with it, such as natural-looking eyebrows and saving time spent on applying makeup. But before you decide to get your eyebrows embroidered, you need to know what to expect and have a clear idea of what you need to do during the healing process.

Brow embroidery aftercare is often considered the most important aspect of the entire process as it can affect how the end result looks. 

So if you have no idea how to care for your newly embroidered brows, this guide to everything you need to know about eyebrow embroidery aftercare may be useful.

Read on to find out more. 

What to expect after eyebrow embroidery

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1. Redness and swelling

There will usually be minimal to no swelling or redness after eyebrow embroidery unless you have sensitive skin. If you do, make sure you inform your aesthetician before the procedure so that they pay extra attention and follow all aftercare instructions for quicker healing. Swelling or redness, if any, will typically subside within one to two days.

2. Scabbing

It is totally normal for your eyebrows to dry up, signalling the start of the scabbing process after getting an eyebrow embroidery done. Just like how a wound forms scabs to protect the injury, the same applies to your eyebrows too. The scabs formed will make your eyebrows appear darker but this should not be a concern as they will start to peel off on their own within a few days of the procedure, unveiling lighter and more natural-looking brows in return.

3. Uneven colour

You may notice some unevenness in the colour of your eyebrows but there is no need to fret; this is simply part and parcel of the healing process after eyebrow embroidery as each part of our skin recovers at a different speed. Give your eyebrows time to heal properly, which can take up to one month, before you decide whether you like the final colour or not. You can also opt to go for a touch-up the next month to fill in any remaining gaps. 

What you need to do after eyebrow embroidery

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Now that you have a more realistic expectation of what your eyebrows will look like right after getting brow embroidery in Singapore done, the next step is to know what you need to do during the aftercare period. 

1.  Apply soothing cream

Your aesthetician will provide you with a soothing cream after the procedure which you will have to apply diligently to aid in the healing process. The cream helps to calm the skin while moisturising it to minimise scabbing as much as possible. In fact, this is the only ointment you should be applying to your eyebrows after brow embroidery, as other types of creams may not be suitable. 

2. Avoid wetting your eyebrows

You need to avoid getting your eyebrows wet for the first day after a misty or ombre eyebrow embroidery, and for the first seven days after 6D microblading. The reason for this different timeframe is because of the amount of pigments used in each procedure; water will loosen and lighten the pigment – affecting how the end product turns out. Use a sponge or cotton pads to cleanse your face to prevent getting your eyebrows wet. 

3. Do not pick the scabs

Scabs will form when your eyebrows are healing and may stick to the pigments. Picking the scabs may result in you pulling off the pigment and giving you uneven-looking eyebrows,  which is why you should let them fall off on their own instead. We know the urge can be hard to resist but hang in there and we assure you the end result will make it all worth it! 

4. Avoid certain activities

It is also important to avoid activities that will make you sweat a lot after eyebrow embroidery, such as going to the sauna because the salt in your sweat may fade the pigments. Swimming and excessive sun exposure are strictly prohibited too as chlorine and sunlight have the same effect on your eyebrows as with salt. 

5. Do not apply lotions or makeup

Apart from the soothing cream provided, you should also not apply any other lotions of your own to your eyebrows as they may contain ingredients that will affect the pigments. Stay away from makeup around the brow area too; as a matter of fact, you will not even require it once your eyebrows have healed perfectly! 

Best eyebrow embroidery in Singapore

best eyebrow embroidery singapore by lebellbrow

Looking for the best eyebrow embroidery in Singapore? Look no further because Lebellbrow Studio is the one to consider! 

Established in 2016 and has since gone on to win multiple awards, our aestheticians and studio put utmost importance in ensuring that you come in and leave with all of eyebrow embroidery expectations met. 

Prices for our eyebrow embroidery packages range from $468 to $788 and they include touch-ups so that your new brows last you for years to come. 

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