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Korean Glass skin treatment


Korean Glass skin treatment

1st Trial Price $108

Treatment Fee: $148/session

Benefits: Anti-aging & Hydrating & Luminous

Duration: 120 mins

Purchase 5 sessions discount 10%, purchase 10 sessions discount 20% (able to share)


Korean glass skin treatment uses a titanium micro water gun for needle free skin booster into the epidermis skin layer. To give the skin direct moisture to the epidermis layer, skin more smooth, luminous, as clear as glass, minimize pore and elastic. One treatment is equivalent to applying 1,000 facial masks!!! No redness & No downtime

While most skin-care blogs focus on specific products that promise immediate noticeable effects, obtaining Korean glass skin necessitates a multi-faceted strategy and of course, consistency. The skin’s surface must be completely smooth, with no blemish or roughness. A substantial amount of water should be present directly beneath the surface in order to get the dewy and shiny appearance that attracts and reflects light. Last but not least, the skin should appear lush, a sign that it is healthy.

When talking about Korean glass skin, it may actually refer to a skincare routine, a make-up look or a skin care treatment. Here at Lebellbrow Studio, we offer Korean glass skin treatment which makes the beauty technique accessible to everyone, under the supervision of a professional.

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