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Nipple Embroidery

Nipple Embroidery

Duration: 3-4 hours(depends on how big of the area)

Last: 1-2 years

Peeling Procedure: About 1 week(Depends on skin healing individually)

Pigment: Using nano pigment from USA (High quality)

Pain Level: Normally, the client does not feel any pain. Each case is different though and depending on your nipple skin, there may be some small amount of sensation but it usually is minimal or mildly uncomfortable.

Purpose:To make areola color more pinkish or lesser dark




S size: $350/session up to 4 cm)
M size $400/session (4-6 cm)
L size $450/session (6-8 cm)
XL size $500/session (8cm and above)

Dark nipple may need 2 or 3 sessions to see satisfied result.

Nipple embroidery Result

before and after nipple embroidery


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