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Nipple Embroidery

Nipple Embroidery

Our nipples are naturally pinkish. However, certain circumstances such as pregnancy, hormonal imbalance, taking pills and other practices can cause your nipples to darken and look unsightly. Since most of the causes are natural, it is difficult to do nipple whitening through home remedies. The good news is that we have nipple whitening embroidery here at Lebelbrow Studio to make your nipples pinkish once again. Below are some of the details regarding our nipple whitening service:

Detailed nipple embroidery result

Duration: 3-5 hours(depends on how big of the area)

Last: 1-2 years

Peeling Procedure: About 1 week(Depends on skin healing individually)

Pigment: Using nano pigment from USA (High quality)

Pain Level: Normally, the client does not feel any pain. Each case is different though and depending on your nipple skin, there may be some small amount of sensation but it usually is minimal or mildly uncomfortable.

Purpose:To make areola color more pinkish or lesser dark


S size: $400/session up to 3.9 cm)
M size $450/session (4-5.9 cm)
L size $500/session (6-7.9 cm)
XL size $550/session (8cm and above)

Price quoted per session, no free touch-ups, regardless of any reason.

Some people need 1 session enough. Some may need more, depending on how dark and texture of the nipple.

Dark nipple may need 2-3 sessions to see satisfied results.

2nd session, if needed, will be 15% off
Subsequently, if need to do, will be 15% off too (cap within 2 years from the last session)


Why Choose Our Nipple Whitening Treatment?

Puberty, the menstrual cycle, oral contraceptives, and pregnancy can all cause dark nipples. Nipple whitening is a treatment that allows for a more pinkish appearance by covering the dark, top layer of skin. The nipple whitening procedure is painless and can be performed under topical anaesthesia. The nipple whitening treatment can be performed 3 months apart with no serious side effects depending on the skin condition. Each subsequent session will yield better results. Here at Lebellbrow Studio, we offer one of the most efficient ways to nipple whitening, our signature nipple embroidery. With this service, you will get to see significant results after 2 or 3 sessions. The nipple whitening procedure is also painless and causes very minimal discomfort.

Nipple Embroidery Result

Results of our nipple whitening procedure may vary depending on the initial colour of your nipples. Some have lighter areola that can be recoloured much easier than darker ones. Thus, the number of nipple whitening sessions will depend on how much it will take to lighten your nipples. The good thing is that you will work with skilled and experienced specialists in each nipple whitening session to ensure effective results with minimal discomfort. Below are some of the before and after results of our nipple whitening procedures.

before and after nipple embroidery



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How can I whiten my nipples?

Lebellbrow Studio offers nipple whitening procedures through skin embroidery wherein pigments will be injected to the areola to modify the colour into lighter tones.

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Is it possible to lighten your nipples?

Yes, it is. Through our nipple whitening embroidery, you can achieve a natural, pinkish colour for your nipples in single, 2 or 3 sessions depending on the initial colour of your areola.

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Do dark nipples go away?

More often than not, dark nipples stay as they are without intervention. This is because most of the causes of dark nipples are recurring such as hormonal changes and taking contraceptive pills.

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