What Our Clients Say

We are gladded that we are able to help many of our clients to look beautiful and confident.
We are thankful to your positive feedbacks.

Thanks Jibby, my eye brows its look natural.
I like it. Look forward of the touch up sessions soon.

Chris Phan

Thank you so much for the eyebrow you made and appreciate the information to take care of the eyebrow you send to me… Really very nice and not painful for the first timer who fear of the process … See you in 2months time. ���
5 stars

Wong Pei Fen

Jibby is very friendly and her skills in eyebrow embroidery is very good! Love the outcome and is very, very satisfied by her work! I am going to recommend all my friends and even my mom and let her do it. ��

Phang Eng Theng

Thanks Jibby for giving me such a beautiful price at such a goood deal!Really love her work:) she gave me the confidence with my bareface with such beautiful brows!she provides really good service too!Thank you once again!

Meixin Oh

Love the 3D hairline, now I can anyhow tie my hair without having to purposely put some hair down to cover my holes haha � she’s super patient and responsible, she will make sure the work is done properly before letting me view the result.

Jiamin Tai

Did my misty brows 1 month ago at Lebellbrow (Artist KK). I am thankful that it was such a pleasant experience and will definitely recommend anyone to go!

Giselle Ng

Jibby is an excellent & amazing person with great skill hands on eyebrow embroidery & eyelash extension. She listens to my concern & gives professional suggestion. Great work there girl

Lilian Loh

After peeling & healing. This is my second touch up
w @lebellbrow . Jibby is super nice and friendly! I did
Misty brow this time! Even my hub say it looks so natural.
I really love my brows now, cos I don’t have to draw them
every morning.. #lebellbrow #browembroidery #love #savetime
#beauty #natural

JingJun Ng

I super love my brow now. No need to waste time in the morning drawing that stupid balance nice brow everyday and being late ….
My hubby and family also loves it. Saying it is very nicely done.
I had it tattoo long time ago but Jibby did a nice job covering and redoing a super pretty one for me! Loving it

Diana Ger Goh

Best Master! She is very professional and petient. All her techniques are very useful and easy to understand for beginner like me. This is my 2nd academy that i obtained my eyebrow course but i only have confident and able to take customer when i learn the course from here. Thank you so much master Jibby for being patient and gave me all techniques that make sure i can do good job. ��

LiLu Jang Ngernwattana

Jibby is the best! She’s so patient and doesn’t mind multiple corrections whilst drawing before the actual embroidery is being done. Even when it’s done, she makes sure you’re satisfied with it and constantly reassures you that if it’s not she will stay however long to make sure it is.
Process is extremely painless, she makes sure you’re comfortable the whole process and double checks constantly to check if you feel any pain.
Thank you!! I love my brows hehe.

Samantha Shum

My first experience with Jibby was very good. She is very details,patience and due to my imbalance eyebrows, she had helped me to correct and beautify it. Will definitely look for her again.

Serene Chen

I quite like my eyebrow after it peels off. thanks master jibby for making me pretty. my colleague ask me where did I do my eyebrow? i introduce jibby and the shop to her.

Melodyying Chen

Master Jibby did my eyebrows a few days ago. It was a painless session and she suggested what would look good on me. I’m loving my eyebrows now. They look so goodd 🥰

Khine TK

Had my nicely shaped misty brows done at Lebrellbrow with Jibby. Very fast and skilful work and painless.
Highly recommended!!

Sherlyn Wong

Highly recommend Lebellbrow.I took up their semi permanent eyebrow embroidery courses indeed very good experience for me and learn so much from Master Jibby👍🏻

Sophia Chia

I had a great and painless experience with KT for my eyelash extensions! Thank you Lebellbrow!

Nicole WXyr

Definitely recommend Lebellbrow studio.. I go for eyebrow and eye liner service.. Thank you Jibby.. with her great experience and patience you will ❤ their service.

Vicki Lee

done a misty eyebrow touch up by KK today. he is meticulous & a very patience person. the process was relaxing with bearable pain , fall asleep at some point. thank you KK.👍👍👍

Annie Lau

I had great experience learning with master jibby. She is very skillful and detail. Happy learning ^^

Anna Rattanawan

Professional and good service! Like that my brows are very natural.

Hazel Lim

Had my eyebrows done last mth & just came for touch up few hrs ago. Service is still as superb as per first round. I had uneven brows & only Master has the skills to make them even and nicely shaped. Very very please with the outcome. Has made another appt to do my eyeliner as well. For those who wish to have their eyebrows, pls consider lebellbrow, u will not regret. Strongly recommended!!! 👍🏻💪🏻

Chow Elaine

Went for 6D microblading session Lebellbrow Studio Singapore . The whole was not painful till I almost fall asleep 😴
Super happy with the result 😍
Thank you Angeline .

Pearllyn Lyn

Kathy is very patient and kept making sure that I did not feel any pain throughout the whole process. Thank you for the great service and for being so professional and gentle with my brows! 🙆🏻‍♀️🙆🏻‍♀️

Meiyin Lim

Thank you so much for the on point brows. Went in not knowing what to expect. When drawing the shape, wasn’t sure what would fit me, so the lady patiently explained and drew the brows and asking me from time to time if i like the shape. Anesthetic was applied so the process was relatively painless. Was informed on the aftercare process in detailed. Overall a very pleasant experience.

Yolanda Tan

This is my 2nd visit to Lebellbrow. 2 years ago she managed to to rectify my imbalance brows from other salon which I previously went to. This time around I very grateful and appreciated for her patient. She patiently drew the brow shape meeting my expectation of how I want it to be perfect. she is very meticulous with her professionalism. Even though she took much longer time, she wanted the brows to be done well. Highly recommended👍

Grace Tjandra

Did microblading for the first time, was afraid that it will turn out unnatural but KK did a very good job. Had many praises from my friends and all said it look good.

Kz Yap

It was my first time doing eyebrow embroidery and is totally painless. Master Jibby did a great job by making my eyebrow look natural and providing suggestion on which eyebrow suits me. She is very patient and professional. I really love how my eyebrow is natural and nicely shaped. Now I do not need to spend time drawing my eyebrow properly and evenly. Everyone has been complementing how nice and natural my eyebrow. Thank you for the great service!!😀

Jing Wen

Jibby has been very thoughtful and made a great suggestion when doing embroidery with her. The whole experience was really pleasant and painless. Excellent service

Novianti Chen

Tina is awesome! Never had a better facial therapist elsewhere, she made me feel super comfortable and she’s extremely patient and thoughtful, even applied lip balm for me. I’m not even being told to write this review but i felt this would be the least I can do to thank her! ❤️

ゆき 林

I highly recommended this studio for doing eyebrow embroidery and nano candy lips. They are very detailed and professional. All staffs here very friendly and polite. Throughout procedure was not painful. At first I was so scared. Overall, I like the result so much

Lilly Tan

Thank you for touching up my eyebrow and your hands are really good give me much more confident in my non-make up face after the beautiful brows you have embroidered.

Orapun Lee

Did my first hairline with Jibby and back for touch up, great experience! Jibby did a very great job! Painless and natural looking, very satisfied with my hairline embroidery, love the shape, will be back again for other services. Thumbs up! Would definitely recommend this place strongly.

k e l

Experienced beautician. Good pricing for beautiful eyebrow embroidery and lasting. Recommended.

Elise Chan

Eyeliner embroidery with Jibby was painless! Was so afraid of pain due to feedback from friends who did their eyeliner embroidery elsewhere. But Jibby is super professional, meticulous, patient and friendly. She made sure to put enough numbing cream and that I was comfortable enough before she started the embroidery. Extremely pleased with the embroidery and friends even commented that my eyes looks nicer but it was so natural that they couldn’t tell why. Definitely recommend Lebellbrow!


Thanks artist KK for the great work of misty eyebrows on me. A few of my colleagues including my family has given compliments on the neatness of your work as well as the shape of it. Now, i do not have to worry about drawing my eyebrow everyday as it looks as good as having a make up on my face every seconds ^^ So looking forward for the next touch up ^^

Veranica Victorya

Love my eyebrows! Super value for money and my eyebrow artist is so professional. Highly recommended ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Li Min Pee

I’m their regular who did eyebrow eyeliner and lips embroidery from them. what I like is their professionalism, skill and attitude. The shop is very hygiene. Feel very comfortable to let them handle my face. highly recommended!! 👍👍


My first time doing eyebrow embroidery and was a bit worry about the pain. But the artist, Angeline kept assuring me will not be painful and probably just feels like ant biting sensation. Truly it was and not painful at all. The studio is clean and even when she completes the microblading, Angeline asked me to check in the mirror to see if I am satisfied which I find my right brow a bit short and she patiently helps me to extend it. Came across this studio cos my friend and I wanted to do tgt in the end which she doesn’t. But still I decided I should and found out another friend of mine did hers here and I rmb commenting it looks nice and natural. Now just hope that after it is heal, it will look even more natural. I got the touch up 2 times package so hope this eyebrow will last me a good 3-4 years. Joined the membership and receive another $5 off on top of the 10% promotion. Can’t wait for my touch up visit in the near future!

Anastasia Phang

Really love the outcome! Jibby’s very experienced and professional in doing her craft and I’m really satisfied with the result �
–update 2020
2nd time customer now…i returned back this year(initially opted for cheaper but end up not satisfied) Lebell is indeed still the best!!
i really love how my brows look like now after 2 months and this time i tried lips too(very satsfied as always!! my husband say i look lile i have lipstick even at night before i sleep 😂😂.Thumbs up to KK and Kathy both are very meticulous and warm..makes you feel at ease .thank you so muchhh😘😘😘

Jen Bea Fama-Medija

This is my first time at Lebellbrow Studio for eyebrow embroidery after reading so many positive testimonials. I am extremely happy with the service. They are very skilled, professional, and friendly. The price is affordable. Thank you so much Koo Jib, and the professional team that designed a very beautiful eyebrow. I feel so much confident with a new eyebrow shape on my face:)

Memi Supaopasphun

Thumb up to lebellbrow studio. Initially I was still unsure which shop I should go to do eyebrow embroidery. After a few friends recommended and do some searching. I have decided to give it a try and luckily I have chosen the right shop. Very impress with their professionalism . I like my eyebrow so much. Well done!

Ong Jerlyn

I’m in love with my eyebrow Embroidery. They are very professional, polite and beautiful. All my friends and my family said my eyebrow look very beautiful. Highly recommended.

Kunwadee Rattanawan

Very impressed with the whole embroidery process. KK helped me with the embroidery and I must say that he’s really meticulous. He took quite some time in drawing and measuring my brows before the whole embroidery cause my actual brows were disastrous. 😂 But everything came out perfect and the best part is that it’s painless! Highly recommended!!

Jerry Chia

I just did eyebrow and eyeliner embroidery today. It was a very pleasant experience overall. For the eyebrow, the beauticians gave advice on what type of brow suits me most and drew the outline before starting the embroidery. They made sure i was comfortable throughout the whole process. They placed great emphasis on the details, eg filling the gaps and defining the tail of the eyebrow, making sure it was perfect. Similarly for the eyeliner, as it was very close to the eye, they were very gentle in their strokes and constantly checked if i felt any discomfort due to numbing cream wearing off. They topped up the numbing cream a couple of times so there was very minimal pain during the whole process. For people who are looking to get yr brows, eyes and lips enhanced, i highly recommend going to them for embroidery services! 👍🏻

Eleanor Tay

Good service and quality work done by Angela. Affordable price, would recommend friends to visit.

Kristen W

Service is excellent and pricing is reasonable. Did my brows and eyelashes with them and is happy with the end product. Save me lots of time when doing make up! Would definitely recommend them to my friends!

Yee Ting Chng

I have new beautiful eyebrows and they look very natural. VERY PROFESSIONAL..!!!! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED…!!!!

Vachiraporn Pape

Very professional, and patience team. No disappointment always !!

Catherine Ong

The staff are friendly and professional. Place great detailing on their work. Had recommended a few friends to do eyebrow embroidery and all are very happy with the result. Highly recommended for their service.

Jane Tan

Thanks KK artist for my first eyebrow embroidery :), he was very professional in handling my eyebrow despite I may prone to Keloid and the existing scar condition on my eyebrow. His patient and professionalism was top notch, and his eyebrow embroidery stroke skill was refine and skilled. Definitely will recommend KK artist to my friend if they would to come and do eyebrow embroidery 😀